Adinah Harmonics/KNOW

Adinah Harmonics

Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Relax, Ease Muscles & Entrain Body Mechanics

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #10131 & Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork #585746-09

Relaxing Therapeutic Full Body Massage, Reflexology & Light Touch Treatment is offered in our wellness studio in Greensboro, NC.

Full Body Massage    $65.00 (hourly)

*Wellness Member Massage-2019    $55.00 (hourly)

Light Touch/Reflexology    $45.00 (30 min)

For Healthcare Provider Recommended Therapy

Insurance Reimbursements Apply

HSA & FSA Cards Accepted

*Wellness Massage Membership:  A commitment to have 10 sessions over a period of 12 months,
makes you a Wellness Member - no signed agreement or upfront payments.

Onsite REFRESH Touch

Reduce Stress, Ease muscle stiffness, Feel calm, Relax and recharge, Entrain body mechanics, Stimulate digestion, Harmonize and balance

REFRESH Touch participants remain fully clothed, seated upright in a specialized chair, with healing touch concentrated on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands, or lying down on a massage table which allows focus on the feet and legs as well.

A massage table or chair may be set up at a stationary location, or a portable system may be positioned and travel to each selected desk or table top location in your place of livelihood or any other selected location.

Each session ranges from 10 to 15 minutes, and is administered by a qualified and certified therapeutic massage specialist.

REFRESH Touch is a perfect way to enhance productivity and reward valued services at your place of livelihood or special event.  Sessions are designed to reduce neck and shoulder tension, relieve stress, and refresh for optimal focus and concentration.

Direct Participant Fees    $10-$15 (per session)

Employer/Sponsor Fees    $65.00 (hourly)


Natural Health Services & Counsel Guidance

Physical & Emotional Connectivity

*Intuitive Counsel Guidance, Body Type Analysis & Education on Metabolic Nutritional Planning, Analysis of Standard Blood-Test & Recommended Natural Formulas, Herbal & Flower Essence Remedies, Meridian Balancing (EFT), and other Subtle Field System and Traditional Wisdom Technologies, such as Energy Impact Analysis, Sound Toning, Special Item & Color Placements, and Clearing Rituals. 

*Intuitive Counsel Guidance encourages the search for answers within; transforms thoughts and actions at the core of belief systems; and opens the mind to new thoughts and ideas.

With intentions focused and aligned with inner wisdom, together we create the space to:
Understand prenatal & solar energy imprinting;
Access and interpret universal messages through meditation journeying;
Understand hidden messages and beliefs that have been allowed to influence and make current and previous life choices;
Clear pathways to hear and see goals and life visions;
Discover and fully embrace innate talents and gifts; and
Manifest both practical and deeply held heartfelt desires

Energy Impact Analysis    $45.00

Counsel Guidance Sessions    $65.00 (hourly)

Professional Organizing

Productive & Creative Spatial Systems

Practical and creative productivity solutions for your personal dwelling, business or governmental entity.

Fees for on-site professional organizing are based on assessment

Sessions may be monthly, weekly or biweekly intuitive and spiritually based sessions to support you in your process of healing and personal unfoldment and may take place by phone, in-person or online depending on your location and preference.