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Natural Health & Intuitive Counsel Guidance*

Physical & Emotional Connectivity

Healing Modalities:

Therapeutic Touch For Health & Wellness;

Natural Supplements & Remedies;

Metabolic Nutrition Planning;

Meridian Balancing (EFT);

Other Subtle Field System and Traditional Wisdom Technologies, such as:

Sound Toning;

Special Item & Color Placements; and

Clearing Rituals.


RTBI Assessment;

Body Type Analysis;

Muscle Testing;


Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis; and

Energy Impact Analysis.

*Intuitive Counsel Guidance encourages the search for answers within; transforms thoughts and actions at the core of belief systems; and opens the mind to new thoughts and ideas.

With intentions focused and aligned with inner wisdom, together we create the space to:
Understand prenatal & solar energy imprinting;

Access and interpret universal messages through meditation journeying;

Understand hidden messages and beliefs that have been allowed to influence and make current and previous life choices;

Clear pathways to hear and see goals and life visions;

Discover and fully embrace innate talents and gifts; and

Manifest both practical and deeply held heartfelt desires